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Why Aren’t You Buying Your Break Room Supplies Online?

You just finished washing your hands in the office breakroom only to find that the roll of paper towels is out. You look under the sink and in the cupboards but fine nothing. As you dry your hands with some stray takeout napkins, you wonder, whose job is it to get more? You don’t have a janitor. Your company is full of busy, active people who shouldn’t need to take time out of their lives to run to a store and stock up on community items.


Garza has a solution.


Order your breakroom supplies online at garzaindustries.com! We have a full catalog of all the products you need to keep things clean and lively in your office breakroom. Browse everything from coffee and paper towels to mops and cleaning solutions. Best of all, Garza offers next-day delivery for businesses in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange Counties.


Bulk Ordering


Garza keeps you in business by brining you low prices on the supplies you need and bringing them to your door. Save big with bulk ordering that will keep you going for long stretches. Our online portal allows for quick re-ordering of past items so you’ll always get your favorites and keep the guess work out of the process.


Your Partner in Business


If you can’t find the items you need, you can always get a friendly help on the phone at Garza. That’s part of our commitment to you as our partner. As a large supplier of office supplies serving Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties, as well as the rest of the nation, Garza Industries is your one-stop-shop for an affordable and wide-ranging supply of office products keep your business humming along without unnecessary interruptions. Sign up online and see what you can save today!

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