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Avery Labels for Sale in Bulk

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Keeping supplies and files organized in a busy office setting can prove difficult. If your business relies on mailing letters and packets to potential clients, writing out individual addresses takes up extra time needed for more important tasks. Finish these tasks more quickly and easier with clean, printed Avery Labels. At Garza, we offer a variety of customizable and pre-designed labels for Orange County businesses looking to organize their supplies and outgoing mail.

Avery Labels for Shipping and Organization

Pre-printed Avery labels are available for your shipping and organizing purposes. Whether marking a fragile package for careful handling or marking files for sorting and organization, you can keep everything organized without damaging files or packaging. This way, the label can be peeled off and the packaging material reused.

Custom Avery Labels

Custom labels are used by Orange County offices in a variety of ways. Custom mailing labels can be designed with a Microsoft Word template and printed for an easy-to-make, personalized label. These labels may be used as nametags for company events, seminars, and orientations. Most companies sending mail to members of their customer and client lists print address labels for each address. This gives their mail a professional, refined appearance.


Pre-printed labels will make your office’s mailing and event planning processes easier and faster. If you’d like to order labels or would like more information about ordering and shipping times, please email us through our contact page or call 800-716-4408. In the meantime, feel free to browse our selection of customizable adhesive labels.

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